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Getting started with imaging 3D cell models – all you need to know

The use of 3D cell models is rapidly increasing in popularity since traditional 2D cell cultures do not always resemble the physiology of the human body. Although the alternative solution of animal models can also be useful, this can be costly, time consuming, not always predictive for human outcomes, and is burdened with strong ethical pressures from society.

But for many researchers, implementing 3D cell model imaging and analysis is still something to aspire to, since it can be perceived as difficult and expensive. In this webinar, we will provide a general introduction to getting started with 3D cell imaging and show how you can get powerful new insights from 3D cell models quickly, easily, and affordably. If you are considering how to get started with 3D cell imaging, then this webinar is for you! With the workflow we will outline, you will be able to start running your 3D cell model applications in no time.


Chiwan Chiang, Application and Development Scientist, MIMETAS
Matteo Cattaneo, Imaging Application Scientist, Molecular Devices