Application Note

Objective quantification of cell migration on the CloneSelect Imager System

  • Rapid scanning to monitor cell migration
  • High quality imaging and label-free detection of living cells using white light

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Cell migration is a key process in normal development, immune function and wound healing. Abnormal cell migration is a feature of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The CloneSelect Imager system reveals the in vitro effects of therapeutic candidates and cell culture matrices on cell migration as well as the study of cell-to-cell interactions. Migration application software in CloneSelect Imager enables measurement of cell migration based on objective cell detection.


Image capture and analysis

High quality data generation

CloneSelect Imager – objective, quantitative assessment of cell growth

The CloneSelect™ Imager system utilizes non-invasive, white light imaging to enable rapid, quantitative measurement of cell confluence and generation of growth curves well by well.

Fast results

For applications including:

Key parameters

Rapid image generation and clear data analysis

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